holy cow!!!!!


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Jul 18, 2007
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i bought 48+ serama eggs to hatch from someone. they sent me 60 eggs,
i was so tickled!! 1 egg was cracked upon arrival no biggie. i was amazed at the pack job it was awesome!! took me an hour to unwrap them with all the bubbles and shreaded paper and towels.

i have to check calander to see how many days they r on now. well dh decided to candle tonight just for an idea how many were fertile. i was putting some newly hatched babies in a brooder trying to keep the others from picking on them and watching over them. he says "well 10" i said
out of 60 eggs only 10 fertile, my heart sunk there goes nothing i'll probably only get 1-2 ta hatch i'm thinking. i was so heart broken. my jaw almost hit the floor i was so disapointed.

he cracks up laughing and says nope only 10 clear.
my word can u imagine 59 eggs not only made it through ship from another state but 50 of those little buggers got babies in them!!
i'm excited now and dieing to see how my hatch goes!!

they r on day 14 today so due to hatch on the 18th. this is gonna be so fun!! my first serama hatch i had 6 eggs, 5 went into the hatcher, lost 4 in egg right before hatch now i got one adorable little pullet!!
i want her to have her own flock so i'm really looking forward to hatch. right now she is the only serama i have. i'll have to post pics of her she looks totally different now and is very pretty but i don't know what color she is, never seen her pattern before.
my eggies r in the hatcher. they should be hatching tomarrow or the next day!!!
one was cracked and we repaired it soon as we opened them. it has a baby growing great in it so keep ur fingers crossed. if i rremember right we removed 9 clears out of 60 eggs.
come on little babies!!

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