holy flying chicken!!


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Nova Scotia
Ok, so I have this beautiful silver spangled hamburg pullet at about 21 weeks old. The little stinker has been flying the coop lately. At first it was just once in a while and now it's multiple times a day. I have personally watched her fly 10 feet straight up to get on the roof of the coop. Our run is open at the top the fencing is 8 ft tall. Our run in too large to cover so I'm thinking that I will have to clip her wing... really don't want to do this. Do any of you have experience with this breed or any advice as to how to keep the little fart from getting out? She's really a pretty bird and I don't want to have to alter her. Thanks
She's quite a bit bigger than this now with a beautiful fan tail.
I still have my Silver Spangled Hamburgs, they are approaching 8 years old and stopped flying long ago. They love to forage.
When mine were about the same age as yours, I had to lure my 2 Hamburgs down off the roof of my house with treats on a few occasions. I HAD to trim both their wing feathers back a couple of times. Trimming back one wing didnt work for my birds.
My hamburg loves to forage. I would either put a top on the coop or let her escape. ;). Unless she really isn't allowed.
so, the stupid bird escaped again today... just went a clipped both wings... feel horrible but I don't have time to chase the silly thing everyday and I don't want her to get eaten.
if you have trees around where you can clip brances then stick the trimed branced on the rim of gate should help post it.

it make it where they dont have a stable place to land i have this alos on upper part of my yard where we have only 4 foot fence between neibers house and ours and it has worked. I am not dressed thats why i did not take a pic of that fence :)
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