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  1. booker81

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Now that my little clock is established in their routine, I've noticed that while I expected them to want to be outside ALL the time, they aren't. They do spend a lot of time in their run (30 or 40 by 10, I really need to measure someday), and I free range them for about an hour or two a day depending on how I'm doing (right now is less, but yeah, that knee is a bugger), but they REALLY like to chill in the coop.

    I did go on the bigtime with ventilation - the whole shed south big door is kept wide open, and their coop that sections off is half wire, half wood, with the door all wire (hardware cloth stuff). We cut the back wall so almost the whole top is open except for wire and studs. They seem to love to sit in there. They play in the dirt heaps and grass in the run, usually 5-8 are out at a time in the run, but the rest are inside and they rotate. When let out for free range, everyone runs out and has a good time, but within an hour or two, they start heading in, and usually go to the coop, once I get everyone corralled, they all go in the coop, roost and siesta. The run is half tarped and water is available, so it's not like they can't get out of the sun or anything.

    I'm not complaining, litter hasn't been an issue, smell is no issue, and I don't mind because that way for winter and they get snowed in, they won't be stir crazy too much being in there.

    Do I have goofy chickens? I just see posts of how the coop will just be for eggs and night, but mine think it's their home that they want to hang in and out of for parts of the day. Do other chickens spend all day out of the coop, or do like mine and siesta in there - especially those that don't free range?
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    That does seem unusual. Mine are always SO READY to get out of their coop and run to free range. They literally line up by the door when I come home from work.

    Maybe it's because your coop is nice and airy and open......I don't think it's a bad thing at all.
  3. booker81

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    Apr 18, 2010
    They do have free run in and out of the coop/run since it's all fenced up/down/over and we don't seem to have predator problems (which we would readily remedy if needed) main ones we worry on are hawks, so overhead netting and limited free range....I've had a bugger swoop over when I was standing, scared the bejebes out of me.

    My chickens are nerds. Not to say they don't do the beady little chicken eyes and soft clucks of "Let me out please?" but I can look out there and only see a few out in the run at a time when I'm not there....someone is usually hanging in the coop.
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    Dec 11, 2009
    My chickens, also, LOVE their coop. I moved my year old hens into a moveable coop (coop built on an old trailer) surrounded by fresh green grasses. I have found that unless there is cover and shade in the run, they DON'T like to be out in an open run.
    The newbies that are in the permanent coop also LOVE their coop. [​IMG] I don't get it?!
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    If your run is not shaded, they may be staying in the coop for shade.

    Mine stay under the shade (in the coop) in the heat of the day and run around the pasture in the cool of the mornings and evenings.
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    bribe 'em out with treats! mine will hang out inside until they see me come out in the morning with treats - strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage tetherball, scratch grains, etc. once they see what i brought them, it keeps them out in the run busily scratching and pecking at their treats. i also keep food and water in the run, not in their coop. the coop has roosts for sleeping and nestboxes for laying.

    i treat the chooks like human children - if the toys are outside, they will go play outside. if the toys are inside, they will sit inside on their butts all day. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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