Home made Automatic chicken door open/close mechanism.


8 Years
Jun 25, 2012
Sonoma County California
I got tired of having to open the door before leaving for work and going out in the dark to close it. Sometimes I wouldn't get home till late and would worry that predators may enter the coop. So I searched the net and made this screw drive mechanism and it wasn't even that hard really. The parts I used were :

Plastic enclosure ( but a home made plywood box would work )
Old 18 volt cordless drill
3/8 All thread 2 1/2 ft long
3/8 nuts
Two 120vac double pole ice cube relays
two normally closed limit switches
6 volt battery out of an old UPS for a computer.
battery trickle charger
Old lid off plastic storage box
120vac Lamp timer ( although I may switch to a photo cell )

I will make another one and probably use a smaller enclosure, use cord strain reliefs, have a better layout and better materials for a door. I just wanted to use what I had and get it done before the rain. And hey it works!

K here's a quick schematic that I drew up.. Hope its accurate lol. Since your husband is an EE he should be able to figure it out. Next time I am going to program a small PLC and have indicator lights and a manual open close switch. I have to make another for my other coop so It'll give me a chance to make it better. Good Luck!

Oh and the battery is in parallel with the battery charger. I forgot to draw that in.


Here's a link to it in operation

And a picture of the inside. Kinda rude and crude but it works. The next one will be better as a whole.

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