Home made bird toys


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
A instructional photo set on how to make your own bird toys, by Garry.

Choose a nice sunny day and find a shady spot to sit

Group craft items gathered from dollar stores, thrift shops, and emporiums at low cost.

Choose your favorite pieces

Using a pipe cleaner like a needle to thread string through beads and bars...

...assemble the toy in any appealing order (also disassemble it when Mommy isn't looking(every time))

Pose for the internet


Extra for experts: Be a cutie patootie

Bird toys are really expensive so I like to make my own from any cheap colorful materials I can find.
Do any of you make your own bird toys? Share them. What do you use, where do you get your materials??
Seen any cool bird toys that you want to replicate??
Cute! I'll try it and maybe post pics!
I'd bet Garry would love those, he has a thing for straws idk why, he'll fight you if you try to take one away from him!
I invented a toy that promotes preening and foraging behavior and saps destructive tendencies. It's pretty much a toilet paper roll with crinkle paper shreds in it. My birds LOVE it!



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Awesome toy ideas! My 4-h club members made bird toys for a parrot sanctuary out of leftover toy pieces from other toys that had been destroyed. It was a lot of fun and the birds loved them!

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