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    Apr 2, 2007
    CAUSES: gapes is an ailment caused by a small red worm which lodges in the windpipe of chickens who are 2 to 5 mnths old.
    SYMPTOMS: chickens that have gapes open & close mouth frequently. in bad cases; cough, droopy and soon die.
    TREATMENT: to cure; kill worms. take a SMALL swab, dip in iron of turpentine and insert in opening to winpipe at base of tonge turn gently 2 times, withdraw. in very young chickens: 1 part turpentine 4 parts vaseline to throats daily. seperate the sick and burn sick's droppings. all affected chickens kept in dry area

    does any1 no an easier way to prevent and cure!!!!????
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    to Mississippi State University website:

    The life cycle of the gapeworm is similar to that of the cecal worm; the parasite can be transmitted when birds eat embryonated worm eggs or earthworms containing the gapeworm larvae. The female worm lays eggs in the trachea, the eggs are coughed up, swallowed, and pass out in the droppings. Within eight to fourteen days the eggs embryonate and are infective when eaten by birds or earthworms. The earthworm, snails and slugs serve as primary intermediate hosts for the gapeworm. Gapeworms in infected earthworms remain viable for four and a half years while those in snails and slugs remain infective for one year. After being consumed by the bird, gapeworm larvae hatch in the intestine and migrate from the intestine to the trachea and lungs.

    The parasite can be controlled by strict sanitation. If the birds are confined, clean the house thoroughly and completely before a new group is brought in. Segregate birds by age groups, with particular care applied to sanitation of young birds. If birds are on range, use a clean range for each group of birds.

    I have not had any experience with gapeworm. However, I read that if the gapeworm was seen at the back of the bird's mouth, you could remove them. HOWEVER, you would only be removing the worms in the throat of the bird, not the intestine, trachea or lungs....

    Remove worms with oiled feather (4 drops eucalyptus oil into 1/2 pint cold-pressed, filtered castor oil)

    Personally, I would prefer eucalyptus oil and caster oils being wiped in my throat over the turpentine and vaseline.​
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    How do you get rid of them in the lungs??
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    Would DE help in this situation?
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    Apr 8, 2007
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    No idea...I would love it if someone more experienced would offer up a solution. I tried a few searches, but I didn't come up with a solid answer. [​IMG]
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    Jan 30, 2007
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    Can someone help, two of my birds sound like they have gapes. I have never heard of it but one of the hens keeps doing this yawning thing but no other symptoms. I have (13) 9 week old chickens and now one of them is doing that yawning thing. Now this afternoon her feet are crooked sounds bad, do they have to be killed what about the rest of the flock. There are no other signs and no drop in egg production. HELP
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    blue90292, that was PERFECT! Thanks so much. [​IMG]
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    Jun 11, 2007
    Hi - Here's a link that talks about the life cycle - causes - what to do about them. No, you won't have to send your other girls to Death Row. But they will probably get infected and need treatment.

    Hope this helps and relieves some of your fears.
    Please, keep us posted on your outcome.


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