Homeade Waterer - Filling Problems

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    Aug 2, 2009
    I put together a homemade waterer based on some designs I've seen on BYC and linked to on BYC. It is made from a food grade bucket (free from a local supermarket!) that has a rubber seal around the lid. I have it sitting in plant keeper thingy for a tray (.99 wally world) and I have two small notches cut at the very bottom of the bucket about 1/2in X 3/4in that stay below water level. For filling I drilled a hole in the lid and threaded in a common hose bib type valve and caulked around it to make sure I have a good air lock.

    The system works great but I haven't figured out a good way to fill it yet, right now I attach the hose, flip it upside down, open the valve in the lid, and turn on the water. Once it's full I turn the water off, close the valve, un-attach the hose, and flip it back over. As you can imagine I get kinda wet during this process; not to mention the bucket gets kinda heavy with 3 gallons of water in it.
    Any ideas on how I could do this better?
    I'll get some better pictures of this when I get home from work... it's just on my mind.

    And ma boyz.
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