Homebrew easter eggers


7 Years
Aug 9, 2016

Well I had a Spanish Penedesencas hen go broody.
So I put 6 fertile eggs under her.
3 blue Amerucana rooster x white leghorn eggs.
3 blue Amerucana rooster x some of my brown layer eggs.. lol
5 eggs hatched 1 was a dud...
The 3 yellow chicks I believe are from the blue Amerucana rooster x white leghorn.
They are yellow with a few small black spots.
One of them is all black and the other is black with a gold face...
I think the blue Amerucana x white leghorn will lay light blue eggs???
Not sure..
The blue Amerucana x random brown layer chicks green eggs?
It will be cool to find out in 6 months!
Any updates?

They are all grown up now and all survived.
Out of the 3 yellow chicks the Amerucana x white leghorn crosses 2 ended up being roosters and 1 was a pullet.
The Amerucana x white leghorn pullet ended up all white and basically looks like a white leghorn with cheeks and a peacomb.
She just started laying on Christmas eve(22 weeks old) and lays light blue eggs.
The other 2 chicks(black chick and gold faced chick)ended up being pullets.
One is all black I believe she is Amerucana crossed wit hsilver laced wyndotte.
The other is actually a olive egger she looks like a Spanish Penedesencas with cheeks/peacomb.
I mistakenly put a Spanish Penedesencas egg under the broody hen. lol
Everything turned out good thought with the hatch.
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