Homemade auto turner?


14 Years
May 3, 2007
North Central MS
I see lots of posts here for homemade incubators. So who here has made a homemade turner? I am getting frustrated with the hovabator turners. I bought mine last year and used it for 2 batches of eggs. This year, it took a crap halfway thru the first batch of eggs. Now I dont know about you, but I expect to get more than 50 days of use from a $50 item.

I bought another one, but am hesitating to spend $30 on a replacement motor for the broke one, for it to die in 50 days.

So does anyone know of plans for a homemade turner?


DD (Artistic Digital Diva)
11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
West Michigan
I've been working on one. You can order a "replacement" motor for the auto turner through the manufacturer's website. I would use the auto turner I have, but since I made a fridge-a-bator, the rack is too large to fit into it. I'm working on creating a smaller turning unit with a "replacement" motor. It'll take me a few weeks to complete... it's a very busy time at our house right now. I'll post about it when I'm done.

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