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    May 14, 2009
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    So I get whole raw organic cream-on-top milk through local coop deal, only 1 cow so I know it's the 'same' milk each week. I Scoop the cream, drink the milk. I made butter once before from this cream, shaking method (just shaking in a jar for about 30 minutes until the butter stuck to the sides and the buttermilk could be drained out). I tried this again with the last batch of cream but got frustrated cause it was taking so long & put it away, tried shaking again later, got frustrated & put away, tried shaking again & finally gave up, dumping the whipped cream cause I didn't want it. So I thought I'd give it a go again because I'm out of butter [​IMG]... shook & shook & shook... an hour and a half of shaking that blasted jar, still only foamy cream. Looked online & found suggestions to do it with a mixer, so I put it in.... whip & whip & whip.... I swear the stuff would go from stiff peaks to the "chunky" looking phase, back to stiff peaks, back to "chunky", back to stiff peaks. The directions I saw said that within seconds of the "chunky" looking phase the buttermilk would pour out of the whipped cream and the butter fat globules would stick together. I whipped it on medium/high for like 20 minutes, in addition to the hour and a half of shaking. Is it possible that even though it's very thick cream that I scooped off the top of the milk there isn't enough of the butter fat globules for it to ever turn to butter? I read that during different times of the cow's cycles, feed, weather, etc can vary the 'type' of milk she's giving, but I assumed that some times were just better for butter than others but that butter could always be achieved. Am I wrong? And if that is true, what is the cream? I thought it was the fat of the milk? Help! I don't want this much whipped cream, I want butter!
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    Oh geez. I know spring is supposed to be better for nutrient IN the butter, but I have never heard of the cream not turning in to butter. I know when you can't get whipped cream to peak it is usually because the bowl and mixer are warm.

    I use a food processor. Usually takes me 2 minutes, but I don't have access to raw milk.

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