Homemade Candlers?

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8 Years
Jan 17, 2012
Has anyone here made a homemade egg candler? If so I'd like to see a picture of how you did it. Otherwise please explain how you made it. Thanks

I put 18 chicken eggs from various breeds in the incubator on May 15th so would like to candle them to see which/if any will hatch.
We made one but the best thing I have found so far is a led flashlight I got from dollar general store for 5 dollars Hold it in one hand and egg in the other with light at bottom use your fingers to cover anything egg doesn't. And remember to put new batteries in with each new batch of eggs.
for light eggs in the first week or so we use my husband's nursing pen light. sold at any collage bookstore with a nursing program or med supply store. after that we use a mini-mag light, in the barrel of a ziplock vaccume bag air remover. not the bag, it's a syringe looking thing. works great.

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