Homemade Chick Feed?


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Because of my lack of planning and stupidity, I find myself with 3 eggs under a broody hen that if all goes well, may hatch in the next two days. I don't have any starter feed and can't beg or borrow any and have no means to get any in the next week (long story).
What could I safely feed the chicks (if they hatch) that would supply them with adequate protein, etc?

Here's a few things I have in my pantry that I think might work; mixed, ground, whatever:
Golden flaxseeds
Hemp seeds
Different raw nuts
Sunflower seeds
Frozen sport-caught fish
Sprouts (alfalfa, mung, lentil, broccoli)
Lots of fresh veggies and fruit
Scratch feed (for my guineas)

I welcome any suggestions for a feed mix. Thanks in advance for the help!!
Anything or everything would just be for a few days, right? I wouldn't want to go very long without proper chick starter, but that's just me.

Meanwhile, the chicks don't even eat until day 3 or 4. The broody usually finds them food and that could be corn meal, corn muffin mix, Cream of Wheat, smashed up non-sugary cereals of all kinds, grits, (if you're southern) Quaker oatmeal, boiled and finely chopped up eggs. That's what I would feed, but you've got almost a week before they'll need feed if they aren't going to hatch for another 2-3 days. A couple of days eating Layer wouldn't kill them either. The broody will break up the food for them.

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