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  1. flockmarket

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    Aug 11, 2011
    so, i have a question, i don't like commercial chicken feed (who does) and was wondering if ii could make my own. my plan would be to feed the hens cockroaches, black soldier fly larvae, red wiggler worms, and any other buggs i catch, along with that i will give them duck weed and comfrey, i will use seeds, and rice or grain of some sort as well, along with baked eggshells if they need it. i feed them treats of bread, old fruit, etc. they also free range all day. would this be enough food for them to be healthy? i figured, if they lay a little less it wouldn't matter because i would still get SOME eggs, for virtually free. would that be too much protein if there is such a thing? and finnally, would i have to feed them grain or rice, or could i leave that out? Thanks.
  2. Purina has wonderful products for chickens! [​IMG]
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    Aug 20, 2010
    This is asked pretty frequently and in short, your proposed diet will be lacking. It is possible to make your own chicken food but the result is expensive and you'll need to get some not too common items. I'm no expert, just going off what I've read here. Do a search for making chicken food here and you'll find some interesting stuff on this forum.
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    I hated the standard scratch so I went to game bird feed. They love it and their is little waste. I also supplament with frest fruit and veggies, cooked grains etc.
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    Yup see that question allot and in my 55 years around chickens I too tried many of my own mixes etc both trying to boost egg production and save money. What did I learn?

    I learned that commercial feed does both better and supplies nutrients that my home made (much more expensive) feed did not.

    The evidence was in egg production and overall health of my flocks.

    This included daily access to large "free range" area.

    Not saying everyone will agree here, but commercial feed is better for our birds with added items to boost protein etc. that we keep available for "treats"

    Just my 2 cents... [​IMG]
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    Aug 11, 2011
    if protein Is the problem here, I can sure you they would be getting enough, also what am I missing that commercial feed has? I would also be feeding them ground up nuts and goats milk. That plenty of protein and fat, let's not forget that I can give them baked eggshells if they ever need them. Thanks,
  7. Quote:There is a really good, older thread on here with some sample rations. It's really not as complicated as some people make it out to be. Since you have goats milk, it should be even easier. Comfrey is a wonderful addition, too. I'd suggest you learn to formulate a simple ration, to include salt, calcium, lysine and methionine. Mix that up and then give the bugs, shells and comfrey in addition to your daily ration.
    If you're not against using soy, meats, and perhaps a supplement for phosphorous, you can do fine.
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    Quote:The problem is going to be getting consistent ration that meets there needs and is balanced.
    If you go throwing stuff together willy-nilly you are going to be way better off with commercial chicken feed.

    also what am I missing that commercial feed has

    Vitamins, Minerals, Balanced ration the list can go on a.

  9. flockmarket

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    Aug 11, 2011
    but i consistently would mix it up together, i would definitely give them a certain amount of every thing that balances it out.
  10. flockmarket

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    Aug 11, 2011
    what if i could come across some sources of vitamins and minerals? if i fed it to them in an appropriate amount, they should be fine.
    also, i was thinking that i could give them a scratch consisting of wheat, rice, or grain every other day. while every day i would give them a handful of black soldier fly larvae, i could give them some comfrey and duck weed on an alternating schedule, and bugs as treats. at the end of the week i could take all the eggshells and bake them, then crumble them up. i could give them some vitamin supplements in their water for health.

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