Homemade Duck Ponds? Pics?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dnowa1975, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Hi everyone, my partner is building our ducks a house/pen. I would also like to build them a pond. Because my partner is in the RAF, we move around a lot and would like to know if you have any portable pond ideas? We have a very small garden so don't want to take up too much of their foraging space. Also do you know of any good pumps or filters to I keep it clean? I don't want to drain that amount of water directly onto the grass as we are in rented accommodation (marriage quarters). Thanks!
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    You could try a preformed plastic pond, they are fairly cheap, come in many sizes and are very rugged.
    I originally had just 1 and was emptying every weekend with a pond pump that can handle 10mm solids. I bought this so that I could eventually run a filter and reduce the workload!

    However if you are just going to empty and refill then a sump pump will be cheaper and quicker. Even in rented you can use this to empty to the drain - I was carrying a pump out to the pond every week followed by 30m of flexible pond hose; I wish I'd bought a sump pump until I was ready to filter the thing; 12 months of that did get old :)

    If you do go the filter route do your research on homemade koi set ups - you'll have to look around a bit but there will be workable solutions to keeping things portable whilst retaining the efficiency to filter duck soup! If you have money to burn then drum filters are amazing.

    Mine's all done on the cheap :)


    This is with a second preformed pond added and all filters running.
    Happy days and ecstatic ducks!
    The filters are handling the waste from 7 ducks extremely well so far

    Edit - just to clarify, the ponds above are some of the biggest you can get in plastic; bigger are usually fibreglass. Point being the plastic ponds can be ordered in very small sizes and can be manhandled a bit where you might rip pond liner when relocating - I went with plastic as I was worried about the ducks ripping through liner with their less than gentle attention.
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    Small world! We use to live in Casnovia :) Do you know where I can get some Khaki Campbells? Preferably juveniles
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    So, just so I am understanding you Correctly. they make something specifically that makes a drain in the bottom of this. I don't need a very large pond as were in the process of re doing our larger pond, but want something in their run. is this what you were talking about? I have used a kiddie pool and tried putting mu own drain but it hasn't worked at all and I'm ready to try something new! Thanks for your help!!
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    Just built a 3m by3m pond with a liner for my ducks. Absolutely loving it. Will try and get photos tommorrow
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    We are planning on building a pond for our 2 ducks. Is it okay to include koi fish? I would like to avoid mosquito larva. Will the ducks attempt to eat the fish? Also, what is the best way to clean the duck poo when they are done swimming? They have been swimming in the bathtub, so I know they can leave quite a mess. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi it really depends on the personality of your ducks. If you get anything bigger than a goldfish then they should be safe from being eaten, having said this though, I took my ducks to my in laws house and rather than eating the fish they decided they would play with it do death, they thought it was a toy. Maybe test them out with one first. As they could also go the opposite and not use the pond as they're scared of the fish if they're not used to them. Hope this helps x
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    Jun 7, 2014
    also if you get a pond pump with a filter that should help keep the pond clean. You can get ones designed for duck ponds
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    May 2, 2015
    hi all im working on a pond for my wifes ducks and this is a picture of day two [​IMG]
    comments are welcome

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