Homemade egg incubators


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
Can anyone suggest the least expensive way to build an incubator with aquariums? I have a 5 and 10 gal tank that I'd like to use and have it set up now but, not real sure it's going to work but I'll try anything at this point.
I've read on here that fish tank bators will work but they are very hard to keep insulated so the temp varies alot. so u have to make the call, do i worry about the swings in temp or let ride. I am a mess when the eggs are in the bator. I am constantly check on them but it turns out right. Good luck.
I just made one today out of a old wooden bread box for a few bucks that seems to be showing promise



used a bread box
an old 5x7 picture frame
an old lamp
a dimmer switch to regulate the heat
a temp/humidity gage ($5 at walmart)
bread pan for water

I imagine an old speaker box, cardboard box or whatever would work we'll soon see
I have been thinking about how to make a small home incubator, but out of styrofoam coolers. I can see the problems w/ a fish tank keeping it warm enough, I think if you lined the outside w/ styrofoam sheets, or made a cozy out of an old blanket, leaving a small viewing window. That may solve the biggest part of the heat problem. But that is just brainstorming, not experience.

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