Homemade Eggnog- is it safe?

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    I'm trying to get a confirmation from somebody else that homemade eggnog is safe. I've made it, drank it, and I'm still here. However my father is somewhat of a germ-a-phob. So he tends to think everything not pasteurized in a factory or cooked to death will kill you. He wanted some eggnog when we were at the grocery store this afternoon but they were out. I said to him, "I'll whip some up." "And eat raw egg" he said. So I tried to explaining the eggs aren't raw but it's a losing battle.

    Have you ever tried making it? Are you still vertical?
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    I make eggnog every year. Haven't died yet. Although the next morning I wished I had [​IMG]

    Tell him it's not germy because you've been sure to add plenty of alka- ...*hic* alco- ... *hic* strong liquor. *hic* [​IMG]

    My grandmother used to make this same exact eggnog for the whole family every year, and we all lived to tell about it. Years later, when she was too frail to cook, I asked for the recipe, and she said it was from her old Joy of Cooking book. Apparently in the olden days (like, 1940s-1950s) drinks which were less than 60-70% liquor were considered "watered down" or classified as "punch" due to their lack of alcohol. [​IMG] Boy, that explained a lot of contentious holidays! When she saw my expression she said she cut back on the alcohol after 1970 because her sister was an alcoholic (don't ask me how she reckoned this would be helpful), so her new recipe was 6 separated beaten-till-thick eggs, 3 c. cream in the beaten yolks, "some" sugar and 1/3 - 1/2 cup each rum and whiskey, + whipped cream, nutmeg and cinnamon on top to taste. The previous recipe called for, I am not kidding, same volumes of eggs and cream and sugar, but with a whole cup and a half each of rum and whiskey, plus a cup of peach brandy to top it all off. Those were some happy, happy holidays!
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    Yes, it's safe. Especially if you use the freshest eggs possible.
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    Oh goodness, he wouldn't like my eggnog cause it has fresh eggs and milk!

    Explain to him that your eggs are fresh and clean, better yet, let him clean them, but watch out cause it might soap and water them:)
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    Quote:[​IMG] Boy you'd have some big heads the next day!![​IMG]
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    We put our raw eggs into all kinds of shakes, without alcohol. I also use them to make ice cream and my own mayonnaise. I use only "naturally clean" eggs, unwashed, for using raw.

    Bad germs are found in eggs from chickens kept in typical commercial settings....overcrowded and/or unsanitary conditions. If your flock is healthy and has plenty of room to get outside and free-range, chances are pretty close to nil that your eggs are unsafe.

    I drink unpasteurized milk, too..... [​IMG]
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    Quote:Ditto, grew up drinking unpasturized milk! Eggnog is awesome!
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    Quote:Ditto, grew up drinking unpasturized milk! Eggnog is awesome!

    I grew up on a dairy farm. We also drank unpasterized milk. I really miss it. [​IMG]
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    Pasteurization was Louis Pasteur's contribution to the world. It is simply a heating process to kill off germs that could lead to disease in the milk. Unfortunately, for MANY years after this it was blown out of proportion by the brainiacs in the FDA, and milk sellers alike. this caused generations of people, like your father, to become a germaphob when it comes to milk, eggs, meats, etc. The reality of it, it does indeed kill off these "bad" germs.however, it alike kills off a good portion of the beneficial germs and microbes, as well as nutritious constituents. A large portion of these disease prone germs started showing up about the time we started commercializing the food industry. Hmmm...
    Whole milk, fresh eggs, grass fed beef, free range chicken.....you will live on much healthier and disease resistant consuming these as opposed to the steroid/ Antibiotic injected, crate raised, mass produced food you'd pick up in the local grocery these days.

    Farm fresh egg nog....YES PLEASE!!!

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