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    Hey everyone, I am looking to make my own corn based feed. I live on a farm and have a couple thousand bushels of corn in the bin, so u know why I want to use corn!!! Also have a grinder available, and places to store it. Am looking for a simple Feed recipe for laying hens. Several different breeds, and a couple roosters. They will be allowed to free range during the day, and locked ( sounds harsh, i know lol) in the coop At night. Thanks in advance for the good info!
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    this is a fun website

    Corn is 7-9% protein and is mixed into my feed too:

    I use 1/3 unmedicated chick starter (org.)
    2/3 of the following:
    rolled barley
    rolled oats (can use whole oats, is cheaper)
    org. cracked corn (can use whole corn but it is easier on their gizzards to crack some of the feed for them)
    millet (birdseed)
    black oil sunflower seeds (birdseed)
    wheat (the whole berries)
    split peas

    I don't serve it all - all the time. I do vary it but this is the basic thing I feed. The chick starter has soy and corn + vitamins, that's it.

    They need meat scraps, soy, or milk for protein. Just peas isn't good.


    I love mixing my feed. With corn bantams will have a hard time if not cracked in my opinion, but the other things are OK for bantams uncracked.

    If your soil doesn't have little pieces of gravel or rocks in it you might give them grit but usually they can find their own grit. It stays in the gizzard for at least a year.

    Try to aim for at least 15% protein or thereabouts. You don't want to venture into the 12-13% protein range for layers.
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    Wheat 12-14% protein
    millet 11% protein
    corn 7-9% pro
    black oil sun seeds 16% pro
    barley I think was about 10-13%
    oats also 10-13% depending on whether rolled or whole I think
    peas 24% protein

    This from memory- it should be about right I think. USDA has a website you can look things up on.

    I just finished up a bowl of grits (Bob's Red Mill southern style white grits made with whole corn) and boy are they good. You can make your own- you are fortunate.

    Oh and if you grow your own soybeans they must be roasted or they are toxic to chickens. All commercial feed has roasted soy only.
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    If you ferment the corn, will it raise the nutrition level? Anybody know?

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