Homemade feed?

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  1. Hey fellow chicken lovers!

    I am curious...does anyone have a recipe for homemade chicken feed? I had one from the backyard poultry magazine but sadly I lost that issue.

    and suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Jul 27, 2008
    I would like this too, thats a great question!
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    All you need is oats, wheat, corn and such and mix it together. Grain is TOO high right now, so we quit mixing ours.
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    This site has recipes....


    I got this from botanical.com......
    Sunflower seeds have a high feeding value - the analysis in round figures is 16 per cent albumen and 21 per cent fat. Fed with oats in equal quantities, they make a perfectly balanced ration. Being so rich in oil, they are too stimulating to use alone and should only be used in combination with other feeding stuffs.
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    hi..good question!..i am interested also..thanks
  6. Quote:Thanks for posting the site!
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    I checked that site out. It has a lot of interesting information. Very helpfull.
    We have been growing more of our own animal feed this year and plan to continue to add stuff.
    This year we grew milo, flax, nijer, sweet corn (we dry the old ears, and strip them in the winter), broom corn and millet. In the winter months our chickens get to have the run of the farm and the winter garden gets fenced in. So we mostly need grain in the winter, since they can forage for everything else themselves.
    I pull weeds for them the rest of the year and give them garden waste and some household left overs.
    We still provide commercial laying crumble and hen scratch, but we don't need to use as much.

    If you still want to find that recipe from "Backyard Poultry", you might go and check their site out on line.
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    There are a number of recipes floating around on this site, just do a search.
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    :)HI all

    I've been looking for this info too. I did a search and have been having a really hard time finding the info!

    ANy suggestions?

    thanks so much!! [​IMG]
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    Google will answer all on this one. I think regardless where you live, you will be able to find enough raw ingredients to be able to mix your food. Wether it's cheaper to do so, or not, is the real question.

    The hardest thing ot get hold of is the mineral packs you use as the base for your feed. These are species specific and the one I get is called "Chicken Nutri-balancer".

    Since we grow small ammounts of grain (this year Rye grain), we do make some of our own feed. The milling/mixing is the hard part. But, if you are only feeding chickens, you can leave the grains unmilled as the gizzard does a good job 'chewing' them.

    p.s. Found the company I get mine from. You can phone them to find your local supplier:


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