Homemade feeders out of trash cans or large pails?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Kev, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Kev

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    Jan 13, 2008
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    Was wondering if someone had or had the know-how to convert trash cans or large pails into gravity-style feeders? Those things scream "home made gravity feeder containers" to me but I'm not handy at all so am at a loss how to make a functional funnel or ?? to keep the feed flowing without getting clogged or the feed settling on the other side away from the feed exit.

    Or should I just give in and order feeders from catalogs..?
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    You can buy a bottom of a planter bigger than the bottom of the bucket and attach it to bucket put holes close to bottom big enough for pellets to come out and hang it by the handle of the bucket.
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    Make it round-style, like the commercial galvanized or plastic feeders, and they work fine. All my feeders are homemade in this way, from buckets and small trashcans and such. No complaints [​IMG]

    The hardest part is finding an appropriate pan for the bottom. It needs to be about 2" deep, and about 3-4" wider than the bottom of your trashcan/bucket/whatever.

    Then you cut holes (I usually make them triangular) all around the bottom of the trashcan/bucket/whatever. They should be not quite as tall as the bottom pan is deep.

    Then you either just set the traschan (full o feed) inside the bottom pan, or if you are feeling ambitious you can poprivet (for small feeders) or bolt (for large feeders) the two together.

    A lid or cover is a good idea as well.

    I don't think I have any pix of mine but they're really really easy to make. (e.t.a. - you don't need any special device to prevent dead spots -- just let the thing go nearly empty before you refill it, then on your way to refilling it tip it to one side so that the very small amount of feed left in the middle of the trashcan/bucket/whatever floor is tipped out into the rim area where it will get eaten)

    Have fun,

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    The hardest part is finding an appropriate pan for the bottom. It needs to be about 2" deep, and about 3-4" wider than the bottom of your trashcan/bucket/whatever.

    Most places that have auto supplies sell "oil change pans" that are about 3 inches deep and 16-24 inches in diameter.

    Another possible source would be a nursery that has large "saucers" for setting under potted plants. They come in a LOT of different sizes, and are inexpensive

    A third possibility is a metal garbage can lid​
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  5. Marlinchaser

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    Oct 18, 2007

    Here is what I did, I made the bottom out of wood, the top section is a Potatoe Bin, the front was a onion draw. You could make the same out of a wooden trash can. I also have made 2 others out of 5 gallon plastic pails, attach the bucket to your piece of wood just make the sides high enough, and close enough to the bucket that all the food doesnt get kicked out.
  6. Frogdogtimestwo

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    May 21, 2008
    Here is my version of a bucket feeder. I used a large funnel (taping the small end) setting it in the bucket to divert the food to holes, bolted the pan from a larger planter. works great. Next time I would make either less holes or smaller holes though.
    *edited to add I spent around 8.00 because I bought all new stuff, this could easily be recycled materials for next to nothing.
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