Homemade Incuabtors???


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Hi I was wondering if homemade incubators do work. I want to build one but will be hatching peafowl eggs in it. I dont know if it is worth it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
Yea, mine works great, had great hatches with it, & its a lot cheaper to build one. but I dont knock the hovabators either got one of the older mod. & it works great, I would stay away from the LG though, just my opinion.
I have one that I made out of a styrofoam box they use for shipping fish in.

I am using the thermometer half of a broken aquarium heater connected to a 50 watt bulb.

Made a floor with some left over hardware cloth and am using a small cat food/water dish under the mesh for humidity.

So far only have hatched a few eggs, but for the cost of parts, I figure its ok.
My friend has one that he made, it is about as big as a sportsman and works just as well. He uses a reptile thermostat for the temperature control and 100W light bulbs for the heating element. I plan on making one like it, then selling at least one of my hovabators.
I made one out of an office fridge.. just locked down my 2nd batch tonight... pips on TUESDAY

I am making a second bator now and plan on building more...

Best of luck!!

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