Homemade incubator/ first timer tips please!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Neverenuff, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Ok This weekend I made a incubator using plans I found on this site. All up and running but I am overwhelmed at all the information and would like to pose a few questions, Feel free to add any other info I could need.
    Forgive my stupidity.

    Ok I will be putting in the bator east Indies and Call duck eggs next Monday. (I know bad choice for first eggs )

    1. question about temp. What temp do I go by the one in the waterwiggler or the air temp? ( I bought a gage at walmart that has the probe so it does outside inside and humity.) Because my water wiggler I am getting 99.5 - 100.00 every time I look at it the other temp varies 2 degress or more.

    2. what do you recomend the humidity to be at? Mine is running 60-65%
    Too much I think so how do I remedy that? more vent holes?

    3. How big does the vent holes need to be? My bator is a foam ice chest.

    4. I do not have a turner so I will be doing that by hand. So what method does everyone recomend? In egg carton at a angle back and forth or on the eggs on the side.

    5. Mist or No Mist?

    ok all you experienced hatchers give me the lowdown.
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    I don't know the humidity range for duck eggs.

    However I will give you my opinion to a couple of yours questions.

    1. Go by the temp in the water wiggler. It is a good representation of the temp inside the egg. It's not unusual for your thermometer to range 2 or even 3 degrees higher or lower.

    2. Vent holes, in my opinion, need to be about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. I put a smaller one right behind my fan and the others at each end of the bator...2 on each end at the bottom.

    3. I personally like to use an egg carton to eliminate the handling of each egg too much. I've dropped and cracked eggs while candling before [​IMG]

    4. Don't know about misting...I understand you mist them from a certain day on through hatching.

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