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    Apr 7, 2017
    Hi! I'm new to hatching and forums and I need some advice. My friend and I are making a homemade incubator to hatch chicken eggs but I can't manage to get the humidity up.

    The incubator is made from foam board insulator with a 30w bulb which keeps the temp at around 37°c-38°c... That is until I spray water into the incubator (I have a water dish but without spraying it stays around 19% humidity)when I spray water the temp drops to about 30°c. Any advice on getting the temp and humidity right?

    I was thinking about adding a layer of plastic. Like a garbage bag. Do you think if I use a black garbage bag it would help keep the heat up and humidity in?


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    Jan 14, 2012
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    Put a bigger water dish in it. Humidity is controlled by the amount of water surface. In order to get the temp right----install a thermostat. What kind of fresh air exchange holes you got?
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