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Homemade incubator questions

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Bebop, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Bebop

    Bebop Songster

    Okay, I just can't afford the luxury of buying an incubator.. even a used one lol and this will give me something to do.. [​IMG]

    Still researching incubator plans but this is what I have so far as far as materials:

    20g tall aquarium (one of the short side is shattered, so I might punch it out and replace it with something)
    We might have an old laptop with a fan in it. If it's no good.. is this fan okay?
    fan on eBay
    I also have an 55gal screen lid that no one wants to buy off me, so I might take that apart
    I have a thermostat that I traded for a couple years back.. somewhere...

    I'm just hoping some of these things will be useful..
    My husband is really good with electronics and we have a lot of electronics, so we're going to see if we can find a proper adapter. I'll post what we find and will likely ask what would be best.
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  2. Bebop

    Bebop Songster

    Okay all of them are 120V.. and will I need to rewire it to work with the fan?
  3. t0m

    t0m Chirping

    Jul 6, 2010
    Downingtown, PA
    Hi Jess, computer fans are typically 12V DC like the ones on eBay that you linked to. I guess you will either need a mains adapter or a 12V battery to run them. If you have an adapter that gives 9V or 15V you might still give it a try, the fan will probably still work but might burn out quicker. Hope this helps.
  4. keaton85

    keaton85 In the Brooder

    Sep 8, 2010
    I just did a little write up on fans, it should be on the next page here...

    I personally like the 120MM fans due to noise, they move the same amount of air with less noise in my opinion. Also I have mine on a lizard light controller so I can turn it up or down haha! Just make sure not to have a lot of air flowing over the eggs or you will have excessive evaporation.
  5. MJCooper42

    MJCooper42 In the Brooder

    Aug 24, 2010
    Hi Bebop!

    I just finished Making my 'bator from an old aquarium last night.. I had issues with a constant temp, so I ended up putting aluminium foil inside and out taped down, then on the out side i have some foam board taped down, seemed to do the trick I have 3 small fans in there all at different angles to move the air around...

    I have a thermostat from a water heater in there to control the lights.. humidity seems to be the issue for me, surprisingly it is too low 30% ... I'm thinking of removing one of the fans to see if that'll help!

    But anywho.. good luck!
    alot of people say don't try to use an aquarium, I say work with what ya got!

  6. Bebop

    Bebop Songster

    Thanks guys! Okay, here's what I have now.. (not much has really changed...)

    Got a free Styrofoam cooler from Wally World!
    Found a 120v input 12v output Linksys transformer - this is the one i need right?
    Found the thermostat
    will be tearing apart the 55gal screen lid so i'll have a mesh screen
    a piece of glass that needs to be cut

    so i still need a fan, light kit, light bulb (what wattage?), a means for humidity (too easy), thermometer/hygrometer.. need to see what else i need though.
    Okay, I know that some people get dimmers and things like that to control heat and humidity, will the thermostat do the same thing?

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