Homemade incubator settings?

Erica H

6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Hi! I'm new to BYC!
I love it...so addicting!
I just received 17 hatching eggs through the mail. Silkies!! Can't wait! I've had my incubator set up for several days, and currently my eggs are "settling" after their journey. The temperature in my incubator is holding steady at 100-102 degrees. The humidity is at about 47-51%. My problem is that I've found so many different answers as far as what temp and humidity I should be at. The incubator is a foam chest with a viewing window, and air vents, but no fan. I am located in SE Georgia, so it's pretty humid on average. I did successfully hatch out 1 duck egg in the past without worrying about the humidity.(and it was a cardboard box with a light bulb and glass over it) Please help!! What are the proper settings for my incubator?

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