Homemade Incubator- Temprature Question!!!

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    Greetings folks, I have to share the "rustic" homemade incubator that my mother built. I wish I had gotten more pictures for this, but I'm pretty pleased and amazed that she has been able to build this.

    This is face on, the door has a plexiglass in it, of course the roof fits snug, just not right at the moment- of course the place that this can be found is my bedroom...LOL! Where else! [​IMG]

    The only thing new was the thermostat, which is one that is used for lizards and the Christmas bulbs.

    The bulbs were wire tied in for security. Notice the aluminum foil, that was from a cat food bag!

    Some of the bulbs are not screwed in tight so that there is always a replacement bulb if another should go out (back up)

    In this picture, it shows the drawer with aquarium rocks to help hold the heat and regulate the temp, also a water dish will go in the bottom. As a manual egg turner, a toaster oven rack, the dowel was fitted with the adjustable rotisserie "thingies" that secure the "Beef" for cooking and the 18 egg carton has had areas cut out to help get air to the egg shell. Below the removable turner- I plan on taking it out, laying the egg carton directly on the fine 1/4" square hardware cloth that is in the bottom of the bator in the final days.

    The exterior measurements are 17x17, the wood is recycled from a furniture shop (prior to stains), there are 1" Styrofoam sheets between the walls and ceiling. The hinges and some nails were recycled from a can of screws etc from a chicken club auction $.50, the metal tray that holds the stones is recycled (from what, I'm not sure), the wire is left over from the bantam hutch. Then the thermometer is recording a wireless temp in hutch, and is able to show inside heat!

    My mother is amazing in the construction of things, creative with the tools in the basement. She worked with my dad as a carpenter, made slip covers, draperies, sewed leather for years, pocket books, shoes, boat covers, airplane seats (yes you read that right). Due to health problems she is unable to work, also being over 70 yr old, open heart surgery, stroke and diabetes, things may look rustic, but she is amazing at her capabilities. I'm pretty proud to hatch chicks for my own flock in this, can't wait to get a couple eggs in here!!!! [​IMG]

    Edited for next question.
    Over the past 2 days, I have moved the themometer around mainly I cannot regulate the tempreture. I do not have a fan in it yet, but shouldn't the inside stay the same temp after coming up to "heat". The themostat comes on and off quite a bit- I turned out 2 bulbs in hopes to have the lights on a bit longer in the heating process. This is a lizard thermostat with a prob that goes to the floor of the incubator. I have even gone to the extrem of removing wire rack, thinking it was to high, then removed egg carton to allow temp to reach bottom hardware cloth. The thermostat is sticking to its temp, yet turning it up reads 105 F, turning it down to 101 will give me a 98 F temp. There does not seem to be a even temp.
    Any suggestions? Thankyou in advance, I'd appreciate your opinions.
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    Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a woman! It may look rustic, but I would be proud to hatch some chicks out of there also!

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