Homemade Incubator.. yes another but with a different box, Advice?

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  1. I want to run two turner trays side by side so I bought a large underbed storage tote large enough. I don't have ALOT of vertical room to spare in this build.. here is the box:
    Wheeled Box

    I have 2 lamp kits & 2 sizes of bulbs 25 & 60 watt
    2 computer fans, hubby is working on locating appropriate transformers & hooking those up seperately, or should we run them together?
    I have the water heater thermostat

    I plan to address humidity with tubing or opening where I can add water to a low tray and a washcloth or sponge in the low tray... probably on the ends with the lights.

    We were thinking about splitting it.. on the sides 1 light & 1 fan and the opposite arrangement on the other side so that the fans are next to the lights with the water tray there too...

    this way the eggs & turning trays are right in the middle....

    I need help with the above mentioned questions and understanding HOW MUCH venting is needed??? and where should I put it???

    I have thermometers & a good digital with a probe but forgot my water wiggler

    I also expected to need to add pebbles, or water containers to hold the heat in between... input?
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    Jun 1, 2008
    How are you going to insulate it? [​IMG] I am not sure the plastic will hold the heat well.

  3. Agree with KLF...I don't think a plain plastic box will hold heat. It would require putting some insulation panels on the outside...or inside.
  4. Yes insulation is a concern of course, my current idea is to nestle the whole thing in an extra down comfortor onto of another clear bin so the botton can breath but the sides & top could be covered, or at least the sides...

    we have styrafoam and could enclose it around

    I looked at insulation & pipe wrap.. it just seemed unnecessary somehow.. the room its in stays around 80-85 degrees when i close the vent in the room

    added: generally we keep the whole house at around 80 degrees
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    Jun 1, 2008
    I would be a little leery about the comforter, for one it could be a fire hazard, and two, I think it would not provide proper ventilation. If you are set on this design I would be inclined to build a box to these specs, wood would hold the heat better than the plastic. Also, venting helps control your humidity as well as provide fresh air. I am not sure how many vent holes you would need. I know my styrobator has 4 for incubating and 8 when hatching. [​IMG] With that size I am not sure how many you would need. Another issue you will need to address is the temp of your light fixture, with higher watt bulbs you might melt the plastic, as these are not high temp containers, just regular plastic.
  6. Do you think it would be better to stack the turner trays ontop of eachother? or stick with a long box?
  7. I'm really just trying to find a happy medium between the hovabator & a cabinet bator.

    before weeks end I'll have turkey eggs going in and they don't fit in the regular hovabator with the trays .. yadda yadda

    just need a solution for two turning trays

    maybe I should stick to two individual units instead of one bigger one

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