Homemade Sourdough Duck Bread


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Jun 11, 2020
Back in the day before ducks were a part of my life, I would have to say I was one of those people who didn't know bread was bad for ducks. Today is a very different story and I am now interested in learning more about good duck health and how to keep our small flock healthy.

Having learned why bread is bad for ducks, my question is this, Is all bread bad for ducks because it has no nutritional value to it? :confused: Since I have been hand milling our own small grains and fermenting it for feed for our Poultry, I have been wondering if sourdough bread would be considered bad also or not? Unless I am not understanding of something, isn't Sourdough bread suppose to be a more healthier choice over the traditional white and wheat breads?

I understand that some people feed small amounts of old bread to their poultry as a treat over throwing it out. I can understand this as long as its a treat and not a steady diet. What about Sourdough bread being a healthier option, isn't the fermentation process the same as that of making fermented grain?

I posted a few links that I thought was interesting if anyone might be interested.


https://www.insider.com/is-sourdough-bread-healthy#:~:text=Sourdough bread is made with,bloating and other digestive problems.

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My poultry loves bread. My gander is nuts for it. and since he won't eat meal worms or dry dog food he gets a slice of w/w bread once a week as his snack. and of course everyone stands around waiting for their little morsel. My Muscovy can catch in mid air, the females my drake is too lazy to try. As for giving them bread all the time I'd say no because it's carbs mainly and would add the pounds which isn't good for our layers. But as a treat once in a while no problem.
It's funny how some birds love one thing and other will walk away from it. Maybe I best see if they even have an interest in bread first before going through all the trouble. Our poultry for a lack of better words are spoiled rotten and if they turned their bills and beaks up at the bread it wouldn't surprise me. :barnie

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