Homestead Rescue on Discovery


10 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
Has anyone watched this show? I was told I needed to watch the 2nd episode because of the "homesteaders" needing help with their free range chickens getting picked off by predators. The premise is that a family is trying to homestead and having problems, so this Raney family (father: builder; daughter: farmer; son: hunter) come in and in 7 days, get the homesteaders back on track.
So - second episode, in Virginia, couple sold everything to buy 20 acres to free range pigs and chickens. In a year, they've gone from 50 chickens to 15. Buzzards and eagles are just circling the property and the camera shows multiple dead hens lying around. What drove me completely batty is that they build this couple a chicken coop with chicken wire!!! And they couple is all happy that their chickens will be safe at night. Even the Raney's were happy with it. Sheesh. I live on 4 acres in a subdivision in the middle of suburbia and a creek. I have 50+ chickens and I can tell you, that pathetic "coop" was not going to do anything but keep the chickens in one place!

Grrr. As you can probably tell, I won't be keeping up with THIS show anymore. Ha ha.
It would be funny if it wasn't tragic (to the chickens). I think this was intended so they could stretch out more episodes

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