Honest critique of my BBS ORPS


10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
my main goal was i like blue and wanted something for my niece/kids to show in 4h eventually. honest opinions please, even if its not a nice one lol. the hens I think are nicer then the roo. he seems to have some tanish gold color leaking into the hackle feathers. the black hen is my least fav because she is very air headed, we are constantly having to help her get unstuck and such. if I can figure their eggs out when they start laying im not hatching hers lol. forgive all the feathers my not pictured buffs are all molting. also forgive that air-sole can, dh had apparently thrown it at a baby possum that got into the pen (but not the coop because thats locked up at night)

everyone together


two fav hens(I think they are the prettiest)
your hens are very nice I think your roo should be puffyer but he may fill out more.
I'm no expert on orps but thats what I think.

ETA: where did you get them from? and they should be fine in 4H
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I was thinking he may fill out more, him and the hens are same age and the girls are nowhere near ready to lay, I think they are 15-20 weeks or so just yet. (had a baby and chicken ages have slipped my mind)

I had posted an add on craigslist looking, a women who was after some show stock bought a boatload of hatching eggs and then had close to 95% hatch rate so I bought a few of those from her. so these guys are bred from decent show stock.
I would not make any judgments (except for obvious defects or unwanted traits) on them until they are at least a year old. Orpingtons take a long time to fill out.

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