Honestly, first I've seen of its kind and it's happening rather steadily in my newborn polish chicks.. please help!


Apr 26, 2019
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Honestly, I really don't know what's going on. It'd be different if this was the first case of happenstance however, unfortunately, it's not! These deformities Seem to be selective to the polish chicks. ( I raise and breed; pure bred, silkies, polish crested and silver spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben.

Polish seems to be having this random but rather consistently odd issue with this latest hatch batch.

Summary of recent issue:
I'm in the last batch of polish and appenzeller and about to start back up my silkies...

All of a sudden at this end of this hatch, (148+) there have been the first I noticed, so weird toes looked just like those images. I believe it turned out ok but mind you, as I check and care for them (as I do for all my chickens at same time: 4+ times daily). I almost didn't think anything of it bc it was live and viral and no apparent issues other than that and very vital otherwise.

2nd time (shortly after. Maybe a week at most) I saw it again... this time I realized it had passed away the next morning with no signs of distress prior). ....<side note, I have been losing a chick every morning amd. It sure if it the heat or what.. but NO HEAT LAMPS ARE USED RIGHT NOW.../I reside in houston it's SMOLDERING HERE >..

Brushed it off also not sure if that were the first I saw with the issue...

Well third and final witnessed: (lil different story) 😡

I allowed some of my appenzeller's to brood... (didn't allow them to finish, the story tells) who presented extreme resistance to be broken, as per natural. Well I've been thinking for some time ...THOS OS WAAAY PASSED THE 18, 21+ Days why don't I see chicks??? Well, I witnessed one yesterday being BRUTALLY MURDERED by the polish that were TOTALLY SEGREGATED.. so devastated I couldn't watch anymore and there was no saving within that run regardless.

So I I have the two appetenzelkers delicately defines my their broodiness environment set forth for them and there's a total of 3 laying built in box's in their "quarters)X I went to check last night on them and I still don't see live babies running around however.. I DO HEAD A FAINT CHIRPING from the lonely third box .. I check and one is dead and the othe injured chirping one BEGGING FOR HELP was still alive.

I took it in and immediately tried to calm and carefully yet very gently care for it. Dressed it's HEAD WOUNDS FROM THE MOMMAS PECKING THE HEXK OUT OF IT 😡 noticed OBVIOUS signs of RAPID WRY SETTLING IN, started that treatment... then saw THE TOES WERE THE SAME!!!

After a day and half I lost the poor guy/girl) I tried it all.

So today my 8 year old daughter found one of the same symptoms on another, (those are the pics provided) and info we lost her too.



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If you're losing chicks in a chicks-only brooder with the same symptoms as the ones that are being savaged by adult birds, I would be taking a very strong look at your feed and overall rations.
Yes, some rare broodies do harm chicks, and even eat them as they come out of the egg. It's possible for a mama animal not to possess even a single nurturing hormone.

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