Hoop coop project finally complete


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Independence, La.
Well, after over a year of fooling around, we got busy and finished up our little greenhouse to coop conversion.

Started out as an old hoop greenhouse:

Replaced the rotten wood, replaced the wiring, added hardware cloth and fiberglass panels to roof/side over part of it. Aproned out the hardware cloth and set stepping stones on top. Already had a gravel floor but we dumped in more to level the floor and then dumped bucket loads of sand over that. Should drain well anyway.

And the final result is this:



A very simple and basic kind of layout and one we hope it will prove suitable for our South Louisiana summer climate. If it gets too warm inside it, I may try to suspend a large shade cloth over the whole thing since we have no trees close enough to shade it. Since it has electricity a fan is an option too, though as it's wide open I don't know how much air movement it'll provide. I figure in winter, if it's going to get cold enough, I can tarp over it to hold warmth.

Milk crate nest boxes under a laminated poop board with a single roost pole above all.

The roost pole is about 55 inches off the ground. Is this too high? My girls are EE's and Marans. Will they be able to fly up there eventually?

Can hardly wait till the girls are old enough to move into their new digs!
Really nice! They will love it!

Maybe you could put a ladder up to the roost until they can fly up and close the nest boxes until they are ready to lay so they don't sleep in there.
Thanks! The milk crate nest boxes will be taken out until they are old enough to lay. I suppose they will probably roost on the crate supports until they get big enough to go higher. Everyone says they will want to get up as high as they can. The ladder idea to help them up was one that occurred to me too.
Wow that is Super nice, I just passed a house yesterday and there was a frame sitting in someones yard and I said to my son Hummm wonder what they're doing with that ?????????? He said OH don't tell me Your chickens?!

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