Hoop Greenhouse as a Coop?

All sounds good to me.

And I know most places are more restrictive than where I am...

But here you can get good quality building supplies from the construction trash area at the dump. You could also ask at any construction sites for their trash.

Any place that replaces windows should have fogged windows for free.

The boat supply yard has free old net, usually excellent quality for bird runs or garden fence.

Our local tv satellite instalation place generates pallets that they offer to free for whoever wants them.

But yes, usually quality wire you must pay good money for.

You could spend money on a super secure coop and run, that then connects to a much less secure run.
Yes, my thoughts... though there's a lot of building materials on site (metal framing and probably netting or greenhouse wrap. The current owner is essentially only taking personal belongings with him and everything else, including furniture, stays.

Our friend in the area also has a similar situation with lots of 'stuff' lying about. They also have an old fashioned coop which I don't think they'll ever be using as they are not chicken friendly people. (There were some rogue chickens using their house as a coop when they moved in). They're so excited for us to be coming up that they've already pretty much offered us to pick through their supplies if we need or use their place to store things.

Hoping we just don't have stoats - rats have been the only hassle here and they're more a nuisance than a danger and as mentioned, I'll be topping the run.

Have Golden Canines coming up and they are little flyers. They already fight each other for the privilege of sitting on my shoulder! Maybe one day when they're more accustomed, and I have turkey, kune kune, and goats running around, I'll give them a bit more free reign.
I think autocorrect smacked you....
What bird? Little gold dog birds? Flying golden retrievers?
Yes, autocorrect is the bane of my existence. I really should turn it off as it's the literal worst.

Campines, that should read. They are supposed to be very adept flyers, similar to Hamburgs, which I've seen be able to escape a tall poultry fence.

We'll see with the weasels - my current coop is also elevated and the hoop house will be ground-based so no telling what it'll draw in.

I'm having a good chat with the current owner at some point today. Will be asking what predators he's noticed in the area.
We were wondering if a 20' x 10' x 6'h hoop greenhouse might work for 24 layer chickens, as long as we hung roosts and nests and feeders/waterers.

But we're presently in Tornado Alley, windy every day. We just assembled & dutifully anchored the greenhouse a day before a thunderstorm. Of course, storm winds blew the whole thing down the road. I want a mobile coop (or two, or three, with Chicken Math and meat bird plams 🥸), but I think I will have to go the heavier A frame route. Or find better acreage in the shelter of more trees. Any advice?
If you can provide adequate predator-proofing and adequate ventilation to keep it from turning into a rotisserie oven I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I personally wouldn't want to trust any portable structure with high winds.

You'll want to set up the hoop crosswise to the usual storm winds so that they flow smoothly over the structure rather than battering against the end.

Here in the US there are a number of types of hurricane anchors available: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Shelter...nd-Spinnable-Corkscrew-Design-10075/202719050
This is old but i do want to second this! I had a great green house, full of roughly 50 plants. Some wind came in and it was shattered, i couldn’t even tell what dirt belonged to what pot. It was a mess.

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