Hoopla, Den motherJethro and the girls.

Linda Hawkins

Dec 17, 2020
Good Evening. My name is Linda AKA mom of my small flock. They are named in the Title. I am very new to raising chickens as an adult. I have my 12 R I Reds, Their RI Red Rooster Jethro and Hoopla, the den mother. We have not figured out what she is mixed with. She lays olive eggs. She was bought as A West Somer sp? Hoopla was picked on by her flock, so my friend gave her to me. I put her in with my pulleys hoping to give her confidence, therefore learn to thrive and not be terrified. She has the fluffy hat on her head. Unlike the West Somers siblings. She was 5 mos older and played her first egg for me the day before Thanksgiving. My hens are much younger and the rooster a week or so behind the girls. I got my first egg today from one of my girls. A soft shell. I have learned a lot from them and really enjoy going down and socializing with them. I make it a point to go hand feed them and talk to them. Now they are all calm. Anyhow that is a lot about us. Now I have worries. One of my hens looks like she drank a ton of water. She was not like that yesterday. I was wondering if she was the one that played the egg and drank too much water. Tomorrow I will be bringing her up to the house, to be able to keep an eye on her. I don't know what it can be.

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