Hooray for the crows and the rooster!!

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9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
I went out a few minutes ago and heard crows making a heck of a ruckus in the woods off the NE corner of my land. Looked around and saw a big redtail was the object of their scorn. Made a quick check of the chickens who had been running all over when I came in an hour ago--most were inside the coop but a dozen or so were with my 5-month old rooster--he had them all tucked in under the cover of the blueberry patch. He is the only rooster I got from a half dozen straight-run EE's from McM that hatched May 29th. Looks like he's gonna be a good one. By the time I got down to the area where the hawk was trying to get away from the crows, they'd sent him packing. Birds may spend tomorrow inside.
oh boy!!
for the noise of a rooster, and some crows!

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