hope my chicken does not die. anyone??

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    Sep 21, 2016
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    My chicken, Camilla, had one side of her face swollen last week. I researched that it is probably a respiratory infection. I got her tetracycline to put in drinking water. She showed much improvement and seemed alot better as the swelling was going down. I had her inside the house in a carrier, but once she seemed better, I made a small pen for her outside. She enjoyed it and was good for one day. She escaped the pen around roosting time and flew to the neighbors tree which is something that annoys my husband to no end. The next morning. she came back but we decided to clip her wings and my husband made a spot for her to roost in the cellar. Two roosters had previously roosted down there earlier in the week, before we slaughtered them for various reasons (long story). These were our only other chickens---Camilla and 2 roosters. The roosters showed no swollen face or signs of disease except that one may or may not have had mites. Anyway, my husband put her down there in the cellar to roost while i was at work. Next morning when i went to get her, her face was way worse. More swollen then it was in the beginning--her poor eye sealed shut where it had been starting to open up and be functional. I immediately chastised my husband for ever putting her down there in such a sick state and now I have her back inside. I'm on day two having her out of the cellar for sleeping. Her face seems more swollen still. I've been giving the antibiotics the whole time. Since its worsened, I've learned to change the water at least twice a day. I am also giving her a little apple cider vinegar. She eats, drinks and moves fine. She flaps about, grooms, and generally seems okay except that she is laying down to rest more. Her poop is very watery but not every time. Some poops are a normal healthy consistency. Others are just like water. Ive read about the Tylan injectables. I don't know where to get a syringe though (which sounds ridiculous). I'm also afraid to double up on antibiotics. What do I do? My poor baby Camilla is more like a friend and a pet then a chicken.
    and now her poop today is completely watery. bad diarrhea

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