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We hatched out two chicks about 6 weeks ago .. we had to cull one due to horrible wry neck and that left us one. At about three weeks of age we put her in a dog crate and into the coop with the girls and the rooster. now three weeks later she is extremely unhappy with her confinement in the dogs cage.. she paces up and down when ever the chickens go in or out she cackles and peeps when they are outside she tries desperately to get outside with them. She free ranges with me in my garden a few evenings a week and absolutely hates going back into that cage. My question is since she is about 1/2 the size of the grown chickens do I start to intregrate her with the rest of the flock?? The girls and the rooster really don't pay her much mind. And I was thinking since she has been with them they are familiar with her, and her smell ect....I was going to set up a few hiding spots for her in the pen this weekend and see what happens.....I don't free range my girls.. there is just to much going on in the yard these days and I don't want them to get hit by a car or hurt so they have a really large run which is about 40 feet by 50 feet.... any thoughts or past experiences will help me make up my mind of what to do Thanks


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I'd let her out with the big chickens, and see how they do. Make sure she has some small areas to hide in, in case they chase her. That's pretty normal though.

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Or, try to find another chick about the same age so she has a friend. Then keep them together for a few weeks so they can buddy up. I know I have never raised a chick by itself. It makes integration into the rest of the flock somewhat difficult. If I only have one chick survive or hatch out, then I will actually go to the feed store and get a friend so they can have a companion. Works like a champ.


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