hopeful broody hen


May 10, 2015
hey everyone,
i am a newbe at chicken breeding and was wondering if you could give me as much advice on the topic !!
especially on broody hens. i recently got a silkie hen but don't know that much about her like is she a cross, is she a bantam... and i was wondering if yous could help me out !! i am hoping she will go broody but i have had her for a couple of weeks and nothing yet, is there any other breeds which will go broody or should i just stick with my silkie !!

what are the best breeds to have for both being broody and at the same time is a hardy breed as i live in the country side and it is always raining

i have her separate from the rest of my hens at the moment as i was told she is too small and would probably be killed by my other hens, i have a trio of rhode island reds, 1 cuckoo maran, 1 buff sussex hen and roo, 1 light sussex hen, 1 golden laced wyandotte and 1 buff sussexXrhode island red hen.

when i got my silkie i had asked them and they had said she had been sitting on 3 goose eggs but she was too small and couldnt turn them, so how many eggs would be able to fit under her ?? when should i expect her to go broody, will she even go broody !!
i would appreciate as much help as possible as this is my second time with a broody hen, the first time didt go so well which is why i need as much help as possible !!


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