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Nov 23, 2020
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Just figured I'd make a post for if anybody wanted to throw any tips or anything down. I've been raising chickens for years but just never decided to incubate. They always raised their own chicks and I guess why fix something that ain't broke? I have an interest in it now though, so figure I may ask for a small incubator with a candler for christmas. :)

Did research to find the best reviewed one. What do you all think? I'm sure it's not ideal, but I don't want a bunch of chicks and this was the one with the best reviews I could find that was small as well and not crazy expensive. I'm sure it'll get the job done. https://www.amazon.com/Magicfly-Candler-Digital-Automatic-Incubator/dp/B084GMPH7C

What I'm going for are salmon faverolle/mille fleur crosses, my faverolles haven't started laying yet and christmas is a good ways away so I have lots of time to do lots and lots of research.
I have been using Brinsea and they are excellent incubators but they are on the pricier side. I just ordered a second incubator the NR 360 which seems to be very popular here among BYC forum members. They had it on Amazon for $139 and it holds 22 eggs. Can’t comment on it yet as it hasn’t arrived but will be using it next week. Recommend checking on the threads. I have had one of the cheaper incubators and they are incredibly difficult to maintain temperature and humidity in general.😊
The one you linked is the one we have and I really disliked it as a beginner, we have only had two hatches in it and it's a pain to deal with. If we do it again I am buying the NR 360. Even if I only hatch a few more times in my life it will be worth it.
Some issues I had with the magicfly are: The lid is top heavy, everytime you take it off you need to be careful not to flip your eggs over. Since the peg for the auto turner is so hard to see you have to lower the lid down at an awkward angle to get it in the slot, sometimes jerking your egg rack around. I had some fear about ending up with a few red rings of death just because I needed to add water for humidity. It's hard to get your humidity right, and since you have to remove or lift the lid every time and tip things around it feels risky every time you have to do something in there. It is virtually impossible to get a good handle on your humidity. It is hard to see what is happening in there, the design and materials make it really hard to observe anything. Things that are possibly unit related: It was hard to keep the temp steady, that thing went all over, and the internal therm was off, I had it calibrated with 3 very precise thermometers/sensors and it was almost 3 degrees off. I learned the hard way that I got what I paid for, and when you are watching eggs for 21 days it makes a difference.

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