Nov 23, 2020
My Coop
My Coop
Decided to go ahead and post my flock :)
I have 6 salmon faverolles, 3 rhode island reds, one mille fleur d'uccle and one gray d'uccle

Here's my rooster, named Father Time, he's the mille fleur d'uccle bantam

Fathertime (14).JPG
Fathertime (28).JPG

Here's my favorite salmon faverolle, named Ruby, she had some sort of respiratory issue as a chick but was able to treat her. She's a sweetheart

Ruby (63).JPG
Ruby (65).JPG

Then here's my favorite rhode island red hen, Susan, this is an old picture as a lot of these are

Susan (69).JPG

Our gray d'uccle bantam named Shirley

Shirley (37).JPG
Shirley (31).JPG

And some miscellaneous photos of the flock

Fathertime (32).JPG


  • Ruby (65).JPG
    Ruby (65).JPG
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What a beautiful group! Thanks for sharing photos. I especially adore the appearance of Salmon Faverolles; Ruby is a looker!
Thank you for saying so! Really happy to have found a place to share :) Salmon faverolles are great aren't they? I did lots of research before deciding on them, beautiful coloring, good layers, and should do well with our harsh winters. I can't wait to see the mille fleur/salmon faverolle crosses when/if they hatch out chicks someday

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