Hopefully just need some reassurance


Dec 18, 2020
Grover NC
Please bare with me, I over explain everything & try to be detailed. Lol
So I got a couple of breeder hens from a friend that was downsizing her farm last month. After roughly a week of settling in the silkie started giving me eggs. So, I get the idea to do an experiment & order a cheap incubator on Amazon. Money's tight right now so I spent like $40 on this.

It's actually not BAD, but not great either. I also got a little humidity gauge thing as it has nothing showing humidity. I learned quickly that it needs a towel around it to hold temp/humidity but I leave the hole on top uncovered.
I took her 1st 4 eggs & put them in on Dec 1st. On the 7th I candled & only the 1st egg looked like it was developing. From what I've seen since there may have been 1 or 2 more but at that time to me they didn't look like it. Anyway, I only kept the 1 in there. I know it's a long shot at this point for sure to hatch.
Everything looked great each time I candled. I refrained my excitement & candled as little as I could. On Dec. 15th it looked like this. I could see movement pretty good. I could see the egg rock a little, I'm assuming getting into position.

I hope the pictures are attaching ok.... I'm still getting the hang of this.

I read that silkie eggs should be put in lockdown on day 16-17 somewhere & took the turner out & put in lockdown on Dec 17th. Somehow I missed that you don't count the 1st day, but hope I'm ok.
I know lockdown is the hardest part & hope that I'm overreacting. I haven't noticed the egg rocking in 2 days now. Do they keep rocking or stop when they get in position?
No pipping so I couldn't take it anymore! I candled it just now. I'm going to add a reply with what it looks like now.
Screenshot_20201220-090353_Amazon Shopping.jpg
I could still see movement but didn't seem as 'lively" as before. It wasn't just the egg movement. I could distinctly see the wing or beak move. I'm wondering if once in position they focus on absorbing the yolk and completing development & don't move around as much. It would make sense, kinda. The air sac has grown more & you can see my marks of where it was. One side of the egg is completely filled by the chick & black. The yolk area is getting smaller. I see everything that I think I should. The only thing that has me even questioning is the less movement now than there was. I really want it to make it but also try to be realistic in the fact that with 1 shot & a complete novice for a "mom" it might not.
I'm just hoping that everything is ok & I just need to chill out.
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