Hopefully more quail!!!


14 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Central Pennsyltucky
Well, after the divorce, I stayed at the apartment for a few months, then ended up moving in with my mother and started dating again. Now, I've officially moved in with the boyfriend, and I'm hoping to get quail again soon!!! They'll be butcher birds only, not going for pets or colors, but I'll still have them! He already said that we could set up more than one fish tank, so now I have to give a poke in the direction of birds, lol. I'm thinking that he'll be easy to persuade, since he likes quail dinner, but I'd still appreciate some crossed fingers! Lol. Hopefully I can get back into the group here soon!

Also, any outdoor coturnix quail care would be much appreciated! I'll have to get him to build hutches in the back yard...
food 20%+ gamebird starter
shelter 3/4 to a 1' space per bird
here is a shot of my pens

they kinda raise themselves just keep them with food and water and a roof over there heads

for ya
welcome back Betta! Glad to hear you are doing well and have moved on. Check out the quail sticky by monarch, it has TONS of info on coturnix.

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