Hopefully third times a charm

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    May 14, 2007
    Tomarrow morning I am going to start some chicken eggs. This will be my third time trying. The first batch most of the babies were hatched out with their intestines out side of thier body, the second time the viewing window glass fell out when we were candling and since it was dark we didnt notice and was left off an entire night, and none hatched. But I am not willing to give up. And my duaghter is supposed to hatch out eggs for her 4-H project. So if there are any words of wisdom or secret tricks any one would like to share I would be greatful. If not wish us luck and maybe throw in a quick prayer or two.
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    Good luck!

    What you got to do to get best hatches is to:
    1) set up proper temperature on day -7, and check till day -1 to make sure it is steady
    2) place all eggs in bator on day 0
    3) forget about them for 1 week
    4) add water
    5) forget about them for another week
    6) add water, candle, remove deads
    7) forget about them for 4 days
    8) unplug turner
    9) check on day 22

    and then you should have chicks!

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