Hoping for chics in spring!


Apr 25, 2015
I'm australian, just though I would warn you!
We have 4 polish chooks, a rooster and three hens. The opposite of show quality, but we are hoping to breed some chicks. There is a chook auction on tomorrow so I am going to try my luck in finding a brown silkie to help hatch the eggies.
We love Aussies, and have a large community on BYC, and the thread "Australia, six states and one funny little island." You are most welcome at BYC
A warning about silkies for you. We only have bantams in the USA so I don't know if large silkies are the same. But, here silkies are among the most difficult to sex before 4-5 mos. of age.
And sometimes not till they crow or lay.

I mention this if you want to buy a young silkie, the odds are not in your favor for getting a pullet. I'm told some roosters will sit on eggs while mama is eating but, I know they wouldn't stay and hatch them. Every silkie hen isn't geared to broodiness either but, I'd say a majority will give it a try. Cochin and Buff Orps tend to be broody also and could cover more eggs and are easier to sex. Hope you find your silkie girl.
Welcome to BYC!

Hope you have fun at the chook auction and find the birds you want. Nice to have you join us!
Hattie Henny Penny. Very lucky to get her!
My pic doesn't seem to upload. But she is a silkie cross something. She is white with a scattering of black.
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