Horizontal nipple waterers and water consumption

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    Jun 7, 2015
    I have a couple of questions regarding horizontal nipple waterers and water consumption. Does anyone who uses horizontal nipple waterers feels that their chickens consume less water? I switched about 2 months ago from a standard style waterer to a 2 gallon bucket with horizontal nipples. I have this waterer up on 4 pavers so the nipples are about chicken chest height. I like this waterer because it is easy to keep clean, but it seems to me the girls have to work harder to get the water (it is working properly - no disfunction) than they do just drinking from a standard waterer, and as a consequence they drink less. I put a 1 qt chick waterer out late yesterday morning because one girl is acting off and I wanted to make sure she is drinking. All 4 girls started drinking from it when I put it out and it was nearly empty when I picked it up last night. In contrast, in 5 or 6 days they only drank about half of the water in the 2 gallon waterer. How much water should a single chicken drink every day? Are my girls getting enough water from the nipple waterers? I'm I over thinking this?
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    If your girls were not getting enough water you would notice them hanging around the waterer all day long pecking at it. If they are acting normal, roaming around as they should, then all is well. Yes, if I put open water in with the girls they love it. It is easier for them to get a drink. However, that still does not mean they are not getting enough water using the horizontal nipples. You have to realize with other waterers you have evaporation. You also have them splashing water out onto the ground to it appears they are drinking more water.

    If my girls were not getting enough water using the horizontal nipples I would be seeing a drop in egg production. As it is I am getting more eggs than I ever expected. Yesterday I had 9 eggs with 9 layers. That was a first as normally I get 6.
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    I use vertical nipples but I also notice that if I put an open source of water out they will drink like they are starved, I figure it is just chickens being chickens.
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    Good points^^^^

    Mine always go gusto for rain puddles, and even snow chomping despite warm nipple waterer.

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