Horrific day with a happy ending.


May 20, 2018
Elgin, South Carolina
Sorry, long post fsir warning!!

Y'all, today started off so wrong. We recently got a new rooster that my girls do not approve of. So much that they badly pecked him and he's been in my house for like 3 weeks healing.

I've been putting his little crate outside In front of the coop so he and the girls can see each other and maybe get along eventually. Well today I tried putting him in with them, and they immediately went after him. So he ran out, I scooped him up, and we did the normal visitation in the crate thing.

I walked away to get him water and when I came back out, the door to the coop was open and my white leg horn Stella was missing. My dogs darted in a direction as if to chase something and I knew it had to be Stella. I searched everywhere, and couldn't find her. I was heart broken. She's my oldest hen, that I managed to save after my original flock was attacked. I climbed a barbed wire fence to get to her in the woods to save her. I was devastated today. She was my daughter's favourite chicken. And I couldn't believe she was gone. I saw one white egg in the coop and couldn't help but think she laid me one last white egg before she disappeared.

I was waiting to see feathers or a carcass, I was dreading it.

I had been going out periodically to check on the rest of the girls through the day, nervous about losing them . I went out one last time this afternoon, dogs were outside. And I kid you not!! I saw a white chicken laying right next to the coop on the ground. It was Stella. I ran over and scooped her right up and she was untouched. I couldn't believe it. I was so full of emotion. I had the biggest ugly cry you've ever seen. Sobbing and kissing her. And she was pecking the tears off of my face. (Like , mom, I'm getting wet over here)

I held her in the house for a long time. I was so happy to find her. I thought for sure she was gone. Idk what the dogs ran off after, maybe they ran bc they know how I feel about them being around my chickens. But I am so happy to still have my girl around!!!


Free Ranging
Apr 24, 2018
North Western Ohio
She’s a pretty girl!! So glad you found her! I had a similar thing happen about a year ago. We had 4 ducks but were babysitting 4 teen ducks and I fell in love with the ducks we were babysitting and the owner loved them too. I was dreading the day they would have to be taken away. A day before their original owner was getting them, I let them out like usual and then went to flute practice. I came back and expected to see them near their pen since that’s where I usually saw them. Well they weren’t there. I looked everywhere. I have 6 acres and a single tree so I assumed I’d find them easily. Well I couldn’t. That year we had soybeans in the field and the ducks were all big enough to be seen in the field and I couldn’t find them anywhere!! I was freaking out!! What if they were killed by coons? Or hit by a car?!? I looked for about 2 hrs until I had to go inside. About an hour later my mom got a phone call. It was our neighbors across the woods and creek. They live about 1 ish mile away. They said that 4 pekins were swimming in there sons baby pool!! :lau they sent my mom a pic and sure enough there were our 4 “missing” ducks and one sad crying toddler in the background!! We drove over and picked them up. I watched them that day bc they kept trying to go through the woods and swim across the creek then walk a long long long way just to get to the baby pond. We even have a baby pool!!!
Well the next day the owners picked them up and said, “I’m glad they didn’t cause you any trouble!” We still laugh about it all the time and it’s one of my favorite duck stories to tell


Jul 17, 2018
Down on the Suwannee River
Oh, happy news! I have done that crying for joy! I have balled for a damn chicken that got loose. Kept calling her name, tears making me dehydrated and looking like an idiot! For 4 hrs Lol sometimes I think they are playing hide and seek! I have noticed that they also have selective hearing.

After a few yrs, I realized that if necessary chickens can hide real well even if they are white and sometimes I forget to look up! It is amazing how something so little attaches to your heart strings like that! I think she needs a special day lol maybe some extra mealworms or something and thanks to God for protecting her and your heart!

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