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Horrific predator attack- really bad

Discussion in 'Quail' started by iheartquail, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. iheartquail

    iheartquail In the Brooder

    Oct 8, 2012
    Worst quail keeper ever here again with another emergency. This is a bad one. Predator attack. Raccoon or fox I think. One bird missing, presumed dead. The other severely injured. I think half his wing is ripped off. Skin above his butt either has a chunk bitten or the feathers were pulled so hard it took a lot of skin. It's AWFUL. My first thought was to cull, but I cannot seem to get him in a position where I can hold him firmly to do it. I just can't do it. (I've culled before). From the wing I can't tell if it was actually ripped off or just the feathers. Looks bad. He's still able to walk around looks like he's in pain. I dripped colloidal silver on his wounds, gave him antibiotic feed, put a heating pad under his carrier and tried to get a little aspirin in him.
    Ugh!!!! I feel awful about it!!!!
    As far as the predator, I'm thinking fox. I heard squeals. I've had raccoon attacks before, and they left headless bodies. This one there were feathers all over and a missing bird and this badly wounded bird. Also, there was a strong skunky smell. (I know foxes can smell like skunk). The smell was there the night before. I saw something last night that looked like an orange cat from a distance but it's tail was a little bigger than normal. Oh dear.
    Pics are gory: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  2. creekrocket

    creekrocket Songster

    May 9, 2011
    Savannah, Ga
    You need to put that bird down.
  3. iheartquail

    iheartquail In the Brooder

    Oct 8, 2012
    How can I do it without causing it even more pain? I was going to but I couldn't get a hold of him and he was struggling.
  4. iheartquail

    iheartquail In the Brooder

    Oct 8, 2012
    Ok, I culled the little guy :( He didn't want to go. I wrapped him up with a towel and was able to do it that way. I feel awful that I waited so long.
  5. beakmaster

    beakmaster Chirping

    Jan 3, 2013
    Panama City, Florida
    You did the right thing. Don't beat yourself up. Concentrate on getting the offender. Traps work a good. You also will need to beef up the pen. They will take advantage of any weakness in your system. Good luck!
  6. James the Bald

    James the Bald Songster

    Jan 6, 2013
    I'm really sorry to hear about this. Now the main question you need to ask yourself is, "How do I prevent this from happening again?" If it happened once, it can happen again.
    When I lost a hen to a cat, I looked at everything I could to prevent this from happening again. And so far it hasn't. Just take a look at your cage and figure out how the critter got in, and try to "reinforce" what's there. The critter(s) found an easy meal and know that they are there, and will return; the last thing you want is for your birds to be a buffet for the wild.
    Good luck,

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