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Jan 14, 2016
orange CA
btw this is a long story

ok so i have 2 horses a TN walker(toby-age 11) and a draft QH cross(haas-age 14) and there both great horses and i love then both so i want to get a new horse for rodeo and the two horses that i have would be the best at rodeo so i have a few horses in mind that i would just love to have and here's the thing i'm 11-13 and my mom and dad are in there 50s and they don't ride that much and toby is my moms and haas is my dads but my mom does not ride now so toby is mine now in a way but still here and my dad has given me haas for my birth day so i ride them both in gymkhana in a local club and there not at my house there at a barn and the barn is $700 a month so right now my family is fine with the money but if we get a new horse we would be struggling a little and i don't even have an acre so i can't have them at my house so in a way i have a job making 100% homemade dog treats but they take a lot of time to make so i can't make a lot of them but let's het back on track so i want a new horse for the jr rodeo and my horses will struggling doing 5d/6d times so i have found 5+ house where we can have them but each time they say no so i really want a new horse and it kills me inside that i can't have this mare and i can't sell one of my horses now i love them too much so this is where you come in WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!?!?
Hi, I would recommend really showing yor parents you want another horse. Show them your plans for rodeo, show them all the benefits you would get (or they) if they let you have another horse. If all else fails, train the other horses to rodeo;).

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