Houdan? Not a polish


5 Years
May 11, 2016
New Albany, IN
This pullet was from a batch of eBay eggs, but she has 5 toes and a more narrow head and crest, and bearded. Slate legs. Is she a polish mix or houdan?


Yeah, I thought the coloring was off for a houdan. At first I was disappointed, but she's turned out to be a very nicely tempered pullet. Looks like a pullet, right?

My very sweet cuckoo bantman polish pullet suddenly developed a faint v-comb and became very aggressive towards the younger chicks. Do the Roos become aggressive when they hit puberty or does it just vary with each chick?

I keep finding myself taking it personally when my nurtured chicks with girly names turn into Roos, it's not rational, but it feels like they did it on purpose to spite me! Obviously I have some emotional maturing and growing up to do if I'm going to continue hatching eggs! This site has helped me so much.

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