Houdini has wry neck?

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    Apr 30, 2014
    Well, I think our Plymouth Rock, Houdini has wry neck.

    Saturday night when we went to close the run, we noticed that Houdini was under the coop in her dust bath. My husband went right in and picked her up to put her in the coop and noticed that when he set her down, her neck was to the left side and her head was kind of upside down. She was walking fine and even talked to us like normal.

    We took her out of the run/coop and put her in a large dog crate in our garage. We researched here and really think this is what she has.

    Sunday morning, we started her on Polyvisol, vitamin E with selenium and pedialyte in her water. She eats scrambled eggs and loves plain yogurt. We make sure to give her plenty of water. We have to start out with the dropper, but then she drinks out of her water dish (very shallow). Her depth perception is definitely off. We have found that she actually prefers her chick food to yogurt and eggs so we leave plenty of that in for her in the dog crate.

    Sometimes, she can actually straighten her neck out for a bit, but then it goes back.

    We have told my daughter that we are doing everything to help her get better and that some do and some don't. She is out there taking care of Houdini with us each time. While I am work, she will be taking care of Houdini with the help of her dad who works from home.

    My question is how long do we give the treatment? She seems to be okay except for her neck. She eats, drinks, and poops. I don't think she is eating much or drinking much unless we are helping, but when we do so seems okay. She does still have spasms in her neck where it looks like the is cleaning feathers, but once we calm her down, she seems okay.

    Thank you for your help.

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    It sounds like you are doing everything well for her. Limiting stimulation can help her heal, so helping her eat and drink, and give meds, then let her rest in between. If a vet is possible, prednisone can also be used to treat wry neck. In some of the threads, the chick gets better in a few days, some weeks, and some don't. Since it can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency, head injury, or from a disease such as Mareks, each case is different. Here are some links to read if you haven't seen them (the first has vitamin dosages):

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