Housing four poultry species?


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
Right now I have about 24 chickens and 2 Muscovy ducks that share living quarters. I am also in the process of adjusting my flock to be a more self reliant unit as a whole. I have 3 Turkeys in the brooder, and plan to order about 6 or 7 more this week, with the final count being (5 Hens and a Tom). I want to expand my duck flock to 6 (5 ducks and a drake). Then in addition to my Turkeys, I want to order a trio of Emden geese. Right now, I do a total free range system. The birds free range all day, I lock them up at night. A little grain or feed at night. Each species will follow the same "system".

My dilema is housing, and I consider this more of a management thing than designing or construction. Currently I am housing the ducks and chickens in the 8 by 8 coop. Which works GREAT. I also have another coop which is 8 by 6.

My concern is nesting season, when I have 3 (or 4 if the chooks take a notion) different species each brooding a few clutches. What is the best pairing of each species so that nobody is attacked by a broody hen of some sort. What I PERSONALLY would like is the Geese and Chickens in the 8 by 8 coop, and the Turkeys and Ducks in the 8 by 6. Each house would free range all day of course, they'd sleep and brood in there.

What is your opinion?

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